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May 9, 2013
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     You opened the door that led to your daddy's office, peaking inside the quiet room. Behind the desk sat the disheveled man, his face buried in his hands. 
     "What's wrong daddy?" your small voice asked. He lifted his face from his hands, his untidy blond hair stuck out in odd directions while some stuck to the pale skin of his forehead. "Oh...nothing sweetie." he replied softly. You frowned as you walked over to him, placing your small hand onto his arm. You quickly glanced down at his desk where small pieces of paper were spread out. On the pieces of paper, in big bold letters, read 'Medical Bills'.
     "I don't like seeing you like this." you said, looking into his icy blue eyes. You knew why your daddy was upset. A few months ago, you were diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said it was affecting your heart and brain. You didn't know the dangers of it, for you were a mere 6 year old. Daddy did all he could for you, like spending time with you in the hospital or reading books to you at late night hours when you couldn't sleep, afraid of the surgeries the following day. Some days you were allowed outside, so your daddy would take you to go see the birds at the local park. 
     But as the months went by, the hair that stood on your head was completely gone. Even though you disliked it, daddy said you still look beautiful, just like mommy was. "Do you promise to smile more? You promise, daddy?" you asked. He gently grabbed you and pulled you into a strong hug, rubbing your back. "Of course, princess. I promise."

Two weeks later~

    Ludwig stood in front of the mirror, his eyebrows knitted together in frustration. 'Okay, buddy,' he looked at himself in the mirror. Determination clouded his features. 'you can do this...COME ON!' His lips twitched as his jaw clenched. A big, shaky smile appeared on his face. He looked closely at himself in the mirror. 'That's better' he thought before grabbing something and heading out the door.

     He walked down the streets with the biggest smile he could put on. His muscles hurt from the lack of smiling. He wanted to stop, but something told him to stay strong and hold it on for a while longer.
     A couple next to him watched him walk by, frowning at him. "What's with that weirdo smiling?" the man asked, giving him a dirty look. Ludwig kept the smile on his face as he walked past them. The woman grumbled. "I don't know!" she replied. "He's creeping me out." the man added on. As minutes past he found himself in the same place he has encountered many times before. He knelt down on the grass, the smile never disappearing from his face. "Better watch out, he could be one of those crazy people from the news!" Ludwig heard the man say from far away. They both broke out into a fit of laughter as Ludwig looked down at the ground.

  'Okay, baby. Like I promised...I have kept smiling...'

He read the words on the grave in front of him over and over again. As he did, his eyes began to water, fogging up his vision. But he wouldn't let the tears fall. He knew he couldn't, for he kept his promise. 

-__Y/N__ 2007-2013, A Tiny Angel- It read.

"I've kept smiling, princess..."
Okay, maybe I'm feeling a bit depressed or something but hey, this is my first reader insert! Sorry if this sucks, I was kind of rushing to get it down.

This story is based off of a picture from here

Hope you like it! :D

I do not own you, Germany, or the story.

Update: Thanks everyone for the faves! ^J^
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but out very beautiful story. Devastatingly beautiful...
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